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When we started McDowell Mountain Cycles, we decided to do a lot of things differently than a lot of bike shops. We recycle over three times as much as we throw away and we decided to allocate space to create a hangout for riders.

In Part 1, I talked about how becoming a stronger rider requires us to stress our various energy systems. Then in Part 2 I discussed the other important side of the equation, recovery. In this installment, let’s get into how we fuel our bodies for our rides.

It’s that time again, let’s get together and celebrate women on bikes! On March 6, 2016 we’ve got our All Women’s Winter Ride happening, which also happens to be a full century. Yep, it’s a great time to spend all day on your bikes, with friends new and old.

With the new year underway and racing season and our All Women’s Ride Century approaching on March 6th, I thought this a good time to share some tips about becoming a stronger rider. It’s a wide-ranging topic, so I’ll break this down into a series of articles. How many is yet to be determined, so we’ll just roll with it.

On November 21, hundreds of mountain bikers convened at McDowell Mountain Park, just outside our awesome town of Fountain Hills, to race the 12 Hours of Fury. We had several MMC teams in the race and all rode very well and had a blast! Here’s a little photo recap of the day, along with some quotes from our MMC Ride Crew.

We at McDowell Mountain Cycles are very proud to bring to you the All Women’s Ride Series. We envisioned having a great women’s ride and give the ladies an opportunity to get together and have a fun day on the bike, followed by food and drinks after. Then we thought, “Why not one every few months? Why not a ride for each season?” So here we are.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to ride in an event that I’ve wanted to do for some time. It’s called the Skull Valley Challenge and it made for a great excuse to get in some training and ride a great route with some friends.