30Jan 2018
Pedal Well Bike Fit Studio

Being comfortable on our bikes is definitely a major factor in this love of cycling. MMC’s Pedal Well Fit Studio can help you find that perfect comfort zone as well as improve your efficiency and power on the bike.

29Aug 2017
Harry and Heidi

I have six sisters, two daughters and four granddaughters AND my best friend for the last 45 years is a woman. You could say, I am pretty accustomed to being around women, strong women, amazing women. I want to highlight two strong and amazing women who I am proud to call friends and bring attention to this awesome project they are creating.

01Mar 2017

Now onto Part 3 in our series on Group Riding. We’ll wrap up with a smattering of techniques and tips to help you master the skill of group riding. Let’s start during our preparation for the ride.