02May 2016
Whiskey or Bust

I had not been riding much and “training” even less. I needed a goal, but none of the races I had done in the past were getting me on the bike in earnest. I needed something new, something crazy, something stupid and that’s when it hit me!

01Mar 2016
The Softer Side of MMC

When we started McDowell Mountain Cycles, we decided to do a lot of things differently than a lot of bike shops. We recycle over three times as much as we throw away and we decided to allocate space to create a hangout for riders.

29Feb 2016
Hot to Get Stronger on Your Bike Part 3

In Part 1, I talked about how becoming a stronger rider requires us to stress our various energy systems. Then in Part 2 I discussed the other important side of the equation, recovery. In this installment, let’s get into how we fuel our bodies for our rides.

26Jan 2016
All Womens Fall Ride

It’s that time again, let’s get together and celebrate women on bikes! On March 6, 2016 we’ve got our All Women’s Winter Ride happening, which also happens to be a full century. Yep, it’s a great time to spend all day on your bikes, with friends new and old.

14Jan 2016
Getting Stronger on the Bike

With the new year underway and racing season and our All Women’s Ride Century approaching on March 6th, I thought this a good time to share some tips about becoming a stronger rider. It’s a wide-ranging topic, so I’ll break this down into a series of articles. How many is yet to be determined, so we’ll just roll with it.