How To

30Jan 2018
Pedal Well Bike Fit Studio

Being comfortable on our bikes is definitely a major factor in this love of cycling. MMC’s Pedal Well Fit Studio can help you find that perfect comfort zone as well as improve your efficiency and power on the bike.

01Mar 2017

Now onto Part 3 in our series on Group Riding. We’ll wrap up with a smattering of techniques and tips to help you master the skill of group riding. Let’s start during our preparation for the ride.

31Jan 2017

Welcome to Part 2 of Group Riding. In Part 1, I wrote about why we ride in groups and how it’s safer and more fun to know and abide by the long-established rules and techniques. This time, I’ll get into the various formations, or pacelines, we use to stay organized.

01Dec 2016
All Womens Fall Ride

With more people showing up to the Saturday morning MMC group ride, it’s a great time to tackle this topic. Riding in a group, just like any language, becomes second nature with regular practice of proper techniques.

31May 2016

One of our goals in starting McDowell Mountain Cycles has been to help people rediscover what great exercise and good fun riding bikes is. Part of the allure of it is being outside and not stuck indoors like we are for much of each day, but being outside brings certain challenges when the weather turns on us.

29Feb 2016
Hot to Get Stronger on Your Bike Part 3

In Part 1, I talked about how becoming a stronger rider requires us to stress our various energy systems. Then in Part 2 I discussed the other important side of the equation, recovery. In this installment, let’s get into how we fuel our bodies for our rides.

14Jan 2016
Getting Stronger on the Bike

With the new year underway and racing season and our All Women’s Ride Century approaching on March 6th, I thought this a good time to share some tips about becoming a stronger rider. It’s a wide-ranging topic, so I’ll break this down into a series of articles. How many is yet to be determined, so we’ll just roll with it.